Side Dishes
Churn Pickles

16 lb. cucumbers (medium to large)
10 lb. sugar
1 small box of alum
plain salt (canning)
1 gallon vinegar

Put cucumbers in churn. Mix enough salt to float an egg. Pour over cucumbers. Let stand in salt water for 14 days. Take out of salt water on 14th day, wash and slice. Put back in churn. Add plain, cold water (enough to cover cucumbers) mixed with alum. Let soak overnight. The next day, take out and rinse very well. Put back in churn. Pour one gallon of cold vinegar over cucumbers. Let soak in vinegar for six hours. Pour vinegar off and save. Mix 10 lb. of sugar with vinegar. Pour sugar and vinegar over cucumbers in churn. This makes enough solution to cover cucumbers. Do not heat or can. Put plate, lid or tie a cloth over the churn.

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