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SCV National

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Sons of Confederate Veterans Divisions

Alabama Division, SCV
Arizona Division, SCV
Arkansas Division, SCV
California Division, SCV
Florida Division, SCV
Georgia Division, SCV
Indiana Division, SCV
Kentucky Division, SCV
Louisiana Division, SCV
Maryland Division, SCV
Missouri Division, SCV
North Carolina Division, SCV
Oklahoma Division, SCV
South Carolina Division, SCV
Tennessee Division, SCV
Texas Division, SCV
Virginia Division, SCV
West Virginia Division, SCV

Army of Tennessee
Army of Trans-Mississippi
Northwest Alabama Brigade
3d Florida Brigade
Eastern Kentucky Brigade
N. W. Louisiana Brigade
Middle Tennessee Brigade

Color Bearer
Sons of Confederate Veterans Camps

Camp #4, Secession Camp
Camp #5, George Davis
Camp #28, Gen. Joseph E. Johnston
Camp #34, Gen. William B. Bate
Camp #35, John M. Kinard
Camp #48, Gen. Milledge Luke Bonham
Camp #71, 2nd South Carolina Regiment
Camp #85, Lexington Wildcats
Camp #87, Longstreet-Zollicoffer
Camp #100, John C. Breckinridge
Camp #112, Gen. John C. Brown
Camp #133, Henry Watkins Allen
Camp #141, Col. Thomas M. Nelson
Camp #145, Sterling Price
Camp #146, Major James Lide Coker
Camp #165, McDaniel / Curtis
Camp #168, Fayetteville Arsenal
Camp #197, Gen. Robert C. Newton
Camp #215, Nathan Bedford Forrest
Camp #219, John B. Ingram Bivouac 5
Camp #223, Sgt. Charles D. Grace
Camp #229, Capt. Julius Welch
Camp #257, Simonton - Wilcox
Camp #262, Gen. Robert E. Rodes
Camp #357, COL. Egbert J. Jones
Camp #358, Gen. Leroy A. Stafford
Camp #373, Gainesville Volunteers
Camp #443, Major John C. Hutto
Camp #481, Capt. Clem Vann Rogers
Camp #534, Sgt. Charlie Dickison
Camp #574, Gen. Edmund Winston Pettus
Camp #596, Sam Davis
Camp #670, Stiles/Akin
Camp 693, Yancy Independents
Camp #718, M. M. Parsons
Camp #723,Gen. Robert H. Hatton
Camp #742, Wakulla Gaurds
Camp #819, Douglas Cooper
Camp #854, Tod Carter
Camp #863, MGen. Joseph Wheeler
Camp #918, The Appling Grays
Camp #932, Gen. Robert A. Toombs
Camp #935, Currahee Rangers
Camp #1209, BGen Kirby-Smith
Camp #1220, William Barksdale
Camp #1239, Forrest's Escort
Camp #1263, Capital Guards
Camp #1282, John T. Lesley
Camp #1289, Gen. James Longstreet
Camp #1293, Sam Davis
Camp #1295, Dick Dowling
Camp #1303, Brig. Gen. Stand Watie
Camp #1308, Gen. Richard Taylor
Camp #1312, James R. Chalmers
Camp #1315, Stephen R. Mallory
Camp #1342, John Hunt Morgan
Camp #1368, Tennessee Valley
Camp #1369, General Mahone
Camp #1390, Capt. James W. Bryan
Camp #1395, William H. Harris
Camp #1399, Lt. James T. Woodward
Camp #1400, Pvt. Wallace Bowling
Camp #1419, Pee Dee Rifles
Camp #1429, Gen Humphrey Marshall
Camp #1439, General Albert Pike
Camp #1448, Noah Fauver
Camp #1449, General John B. Gordon
Camp #1453, Major Fontaine R. Earl
Camp #1455, Walter P. Lane
Camp #1472, Hill-Freeman
Camp #1486, Col. Leonidas Lafayette Polk
Camp #1493, 19th Virginia Infantry
Camp #1507, Camp Douglas Memorial
Camp #1516, Jacob Summerlin
Camp #1525, Colonel Sherod Hunter
Camp #1563, Capt. John Marion DeShazo
Camp #1570, Col. John Randolph Lane
Camp #1573, Brown-Harman Nighthawks
Camp #1574, Admiral Franklin Buchanan
Camp #1588, William H. L. Wells
Camp #1596, Col. Leon Dawson Marks
Camp #1599, Gen. James Patton Anderson
Camp #1608, Captain James I. Waddell
Camp #1609, D. H. Hill
Camp #1612, Europe
Camp #1615, Benjamin J. Hill
Camp #1617, Col. Samuel D. Russell
Camp #1622, Alabama Division Headquarters
Camp #1629, Col. Benjamin Caudill
Camp #1640, General Robert E. Lee
Camp #1648, General de Polignac
Camp #1653, Os Confederados
Camp #1655, Colonel Robert G. Shaver
Camp #1659, LT. Col. William H. Fulkerson
Camp #1661, Waller Tazewell Patton
Camp #1663, Cleveland Regiments
Camp #1677, Southern Nation
Camp #1685, Forrest/Longstreet
Camp #1695, 33rd Regiment NCST
Camp #1705, Col. John H. Baker
Camp #1710, Confederate Secret Service
Camp #1715, Capt. Hiram H. Stamper
Camp #1718, Maj. Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson
Camp #1720, Gen. Bushrod R. Johnson
Camp #1722, Matthew Fontaine Maury
Camp #1727, John Slidell
Camp #1729, Col. William Thomas
Camp #1739, Col. Wm. C. Quantrill
Camp #1741, Maryland Line, CSA
Camp #1742, Armistead-Gano
Camp #1743, Capt. William T. Anderson
Camp #1755, Col. David C. Cross
Camp # 1756, Wise Partisan Rangers
Camp #1759, Bowen's Mounted Rifles
Camp # 1761, Lee-Piedmont
Camp # 1767, Capt. William Green Wells
Camp # 1768, Lt. T. D. Falls
Camp # 1771, Capt. Weeden D. Gay
Camp #1778, Capt. F. M. Jackson
Camp #1782, Pvt. William Chaney
Camp #1783, Edward F. Arthur
Camp # 1787, Pvt. Calvin Unthank
Camp #1791, Col. Alexander McKinstry
Camp #1796, Gen. Lewis A. Armistead
Camp #1801, Sgt.Vincent H. Kelly Camp
Camp #1803, University Greys
Camp #1806, William A. Swartz Camp
Camp #1863, LTC Vincent A. Witcher

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The American Civil War (UNT)
United States Civil War
The American Civil War Homepage
American Civil War Units
Civil War Artillery
The War of Northen Aggression
James River Publications
Confederate Military Lodge of Research
The Confederate Network
The Tennessee Civil War Homepage
Civil War Generals on the Web
Butternut Bivouac
Battle Flags of the Confederacy
Museum of the Confederacy
The Lotz House Museum
The Blue and Gray
Sons of Union Veterans
Civil War Blackpowder Handguns
Morgan's Men Association
Dave Larson's Webpage
Rebyll's Confederate Homepage
Armistead Marker Preservation Committee
Remembering the Dixiecaust
Civil War Interactive
Gettysburg Reenactment
Chickamauga Reenactment
Patrick R. Cleburne Society
Confederate Museum, Memorial Hall
The Battle of Chattanooga: a photo documentary
Col. Berry Narratives
Confederate States Navy
Battle to save Confederate Park
America's Caesar
Patrick Cleburne Society


Tennessee Genealogy Homepage
Tennessee State Library and Archives
Tennessee Genealogy & History Website
Dekalb County, Tennessee Homepage
Sumner County, Tennessee
Griffin Genealogy

United Daughters of the Confederacy

United Daughters of the Confederacy
Virginia Division UDC
Luray Chapter #436
Capt. Hugh G. Lollar Chapter #882
Gastonia Chapter #955
Fairfax Chapter #1410
Elizabeth Cain Musgrove Chapter #1929
Thunderbird Chapter #2102
W.H.T. Walker Chapter #2253
Mid-Cities Bluebonnet Chapter #2429
Southern Heritage Chapter #2551
Dixie Chapter #2576
Berry Benson Chapter #2584
N.B. Forrest Chapter #2597
Kentucky Society OCR
Louisiana Society OCR
Texas Society OCR

Confederate Regimental Histories

4th Alabama Cavalry
Law's Alabama Brigade
Gracie's Alabama Brigade
18th Alabama Infantry
19th Alabama Volunteer Infantry
23rd Alabama Volunteer Infantry Regiment
25th Alabama Infantry
25th Alabama Infantry
27th Alabama Infantry
28th Alabama Infantry
32nd Alabama Volunteer Infantry
33rd Alabama Infantry
48th Alabama Volunteer Infantry
49th Alabama Infantry
1st Florida Volunteer Infantry
Georgia Units in the Civil War
Marion County, Georgia Civil War Troops
Anderson's Battery
3rd Georgia Infantry
5th Georgia Infantry
8th Georgia Infantry Co. A
8th Georgia Infantry Co. G
8th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
9th Georgia Infantry
15th Georgia Infantry
15th Georgia Infantry
24th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
43rd Georgia Infantry
46th Georgia Infantry
49th Georgia Infantry
65th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
2nd Kentucky Battalion Mounted Rifles
Kentucky Orphan Brigade
9th Kentucky Cavalry
11th Kentucky Cavalry
1st Louisiana Cavalry (Scotts)
1st Louisiana Heavy Artillery
Donaldsonville Louisiana Artillery
1st Louisiana Special Battalion
1st Louisiana Reserves
2nd Louisiana Medical Brigade
7th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry
10th Louisiana Infantry
14th Louisiana Infantry
19th Louisiana Infantry
28th Louisiana Infantry
1st Maryland Battery
1st Maryland Cavalry
2nd Maryland Battalion
5th Mississippi Cavalry
5th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
8th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
9th Mississippi Infantry
11th Mississippi Infantry
15th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry
26th Mississippi Infantry
31st Mississippi Infantry
32nd Mississippi Infantry Co. C
32nd Mississippi Infantry Co. G
8th Missouri Infantry
1st North Carolina Artillery
McRae's North Carolina Cavalry
1st North Carolina Cavalry
6th North Carolina Cavalry
13th North Carolina Battalion
26th North Carolina Infantry
26th North Carolina Infantry
26th North Carolina Infantry
27th North Carolina Infantry
58th North Carolina Infantry
66th North Carolina Infantry
16th South Carolina Infantry
20th South Carolina Infantry
23rd South Carolina Infantry
25th South Carolina Infantry
26th South Carolina Infantry
Tennesseans in the Civil War
Huwald's Tennessee Mtn. Howitzer Battery
Allison's Cavalry Squadron
Champ Ferguson's Independent Cavalry
7th Tennessee Cavalry
7th Tennessee Cavalry
8th/13th Tennessee Cavalry
9th Tennessee Cavalry
9th Tennessee Cavalry Co. A
9th Tennessee Cavalry Co. E
12th Tennessee Cavalry
14th (15th) Tennessee Cavalry
15th Tennessee Cavalry
16th Tennessee Cavalry
19th Tennessee Cavalry
19th Tennessee Cavalry
20th Tennessee Cavalry
21st Tennessee Cavalry (Wilson's)
1st Tennessee Infantry (Turney's)
1st Tennessee Infantry
2nd Tennessee Infantry
4th Tennessee Infantry
7th Tennessee Infantry
12th Tennessee Infantry
13th Tennessee Infantry
14th Tennessee Infantry
17th Tennessee Infantry
18th Tennessee Infantry
20th Tennessee Infantry
20th Tennessee Infantry Co. F
20th Tennessee Infantry Co. K
22nd Tennessee Infantry
23rd Tennessee Infantry
24th Tennessee Infantry
25th Tennessee Infantry
27th Tennessee Infantry
30th Tennessee Infantry
34th Tennessee Infantry
44th Tennessee Infantry
47th Tennessee Infantry
47th Tennessee Infantry
55th Tennessee Infantry
55th Tennessee Infantry
63rd Tennessee Infantry
Parson's Texas Cavalry Brigade
Morgan's Regiment of Texas Cavalry
Waul's Texas Legion
Willis' Cavalry Battalion
4th Texas Cavalry
5th Texas Partisan Rangers
7th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
8th Texas Cavalry
12th Texas Cavalry
19th Texas Cavalry
21st Texas Cavalry
30th Texas Cavalry
6th Texas Infantry
10th Texas Infantry
43rd Virginia Cavalry Battalion
1st Virginia Infantry
24th Virginia Infantry
33rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry
36th Virginia Infantry
42nd Virginia Infantry
42nd Virginia Infantry
48th Virginia Infantry
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment
63rd Virginia Infantry
Confederate Patisan Ranger units/Guerilla Bands
Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest
Roderick: The General's Mount
Major John W. Fairfax

POW's and Prisons

Point Lookout POW's
Elmira Prison Camp
CW Prison at Elmira
Camp Douglas, Illinois
Rock Island, IL., Arkansas Units
Milton Asbury Ryan, POW
Camp Chase
CW Prison at Point Lookout
Rock Island National Cemetery
The Immortal Six-Hundred


Southern Preservation

The Colour Gaurd
The Heritage Preservation Association
The Council of Conservative Citizens
Dixie Rising
The League of the South
Confederate Underground
Looky Here
The Georgia Guard

Confederate Goods

The Ruffin Flag Company
Great War of the Confederacy
Blockade Runner
Clearwater Hats
The Confederate Shoppe
Crane Merchantile Saddles
Discount Cavalry Tack
Dixie Gun Works
Flags of the Confederacy Screen Saver
Games: Clan Southern Steel
The Horse Soldier Antiques
The Jarnagin Company
Southern Civil War Mall
Virtual CSA Purple Heart Award
Southern Trading Co.
Dixie Leather Works

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